News Update: The Princess in Red BRIT Awards performance of Trouble

(Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)
(Photo: Dave M. Benett/Getty Images)

Top of the morning to you Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy that is glad to filter out so much crap from gossip sites, we do have weeks when all we do is just walk way. Don’t fret, despite her glamorous life I’m sure the same thing happens to the Enchantress. Fortunately for us, she chooses to blow steam by just diving into her songwriting.

I wish the old idea of T-Swizzle being resentful would just blow over. Contrary to what people think, the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar doesn’t follow the rule of one song = one former relationship. To quote Tay herself, “there are some repeat offenders in there.” Not only can she write several songs about the same guy, one song is no longer about one person in particular but just a stage of the relationship that she’s found herself in several times. Her song have an inspiration, but they’re not a chronicle. I’ll stop now before I turn this post into an Editorial.

The official BRIT Awards YouTube channel has now posted the video in HD

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The Sparkly Dressed is scheduled to tape a performance for Let’s Dance For Comic Relief on February 22. She will also appear on The Graham Norton Show that day.

Update! Love this picture. Play that funky music, Amos!

(Photo: Matt Kent/Getty Images)
(Photo: Matt Kent/Getty Images)

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