The Sparkly Dressed talks to InStyle UK

(Photo: Karen Collins for InStyle UK)
(Photo: Karen Collins for InStyle UK)

Hello Taylor Nation,

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who wonders if it’s safe to go out in the internet again, we would’ve waited until summer if it wasn’t for Tay. The Sparkly Dressed will grace the cover of the April issue of InStyle UK. She also sat down for an interview with the magazine.

“What I worry about is that I never want to end up kind of a self-centred, vain human being,” the Enchantress tells InStyle UK. “My fears circle around me making the wrong choices and messing this up for myself. I don’t wanna end up being awful and intolerable. Alone. Laying in a marble bathtub by myself, like sad, with a glass of wine just complaining that my life ended up alone because I pushed everyone away because I thought I was too good to hang out with anybody.”

Taylor is well aware of Hollywood standards and stereotypes. “The typical Hollywood sad cliché of the poor lonely starlet with no one because she put up all these walls and didn’t trust anyone,” she says. “That’s my fear. And that’s why I live my life the way I live my life because I’d so much rather feel everything than end up like that.”

Here’s a quick behind the scenes clip:

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The article will appear on InStyle UK magazine’s April issue. You can read more on the article on Daily Mail.

(Photo: Karen Collins for InStyle UK)
(Photo: Karen Collins for InStyle UK)

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