Welcome to the RED Tour! The Princess in RED in Omaha, Nebraska

(Credit: Ryan Soderlin/Omaha World-Herald)
(Credit: Ryan Soderlin/Omaha World-Herald)

Welcome to the RED Tour, Taylor Nation!

It was March 13 , and you couldn’t find an empty seat at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha, Nebraska. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who knows that readers are going to be torn between reading and not reading this post, we were a bit on the fence ourselves. I can’t blog and not tell you. Yes, some spoilers are ahead. Turn back now. Last chance.

The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar knows how to put a show. But this is a new one, and until I see it myself I have yet to convey that experience. The review at the Omaha World-Herald reveals a concert with lights, effects and sounds, including her ever growing troupe of dancers, pyrotechnics and most of all, music. With her strong touring band, The Agency, and now including her quartet of backup singers. I appreciate that the author of the article mentions The Agency as “sexy band members”.

However, they do mention you will have to strain a bit to hear the Enchantress’ vocals in some of the performances. I’ll have to see myself, I’m sure I will be able to hear her voice all too well in a couple of numbers but I wasn’t there myself. Fortunately, those crazy cool kids at @TSwiftOnTour managed to keep everyone updated on the proceedings on Twitter 🙂 They really shine at doing that. There will be a second stage, Taylor might duet with one of her openers, and she will be flying around the room in a balcony, a rotating arm, a platform… yeah you could say she’s got robotics now.

The first setlist! This will change as the RED Tour continues:

  1. State of Grace
  2. Holy Ground
  3. Red

    (Credit: Ryan Soderlin/Omaha World-Herald)
    (Credit: Ryan Soderlin/Omaha World-Herald)
  4. You Belong With Me
  5. The Lucky One
  6. Mean
  7. Stay Stay Stay / Ho Hey (cover of the Lumineers ) mashup
  8. 22 (journey to the second stage, raised on the shoulders of her dancers)
  9. I Almost Do (acoustic)
  10. Everything Has Changed (with Ed Sheeran)
  11. Begin Again
  12. Sparks Fly (and she flies as well, back to the main stage)
  13. I Knew You Were Trouble
  14. All Too Well
  15. Love Story
  16. Treacherous
  17. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Thanks to @TSwiftOnTour for the compilation. The Sparkly Dressed’s full performance clocks at about an hour and a half, give or take. The openers are additional time, with Brett Eldredge and Ed Sheeran putting on one heck of a show. I even heard Ed went through a couple of guitars. After they are done, you might want to make a mental note of Lenny Kravitz’ American Woman. If you hear the tune, run back to your seat. That’s all I will say, and probably I’ve said too much.

Video clip time! First off, this is one heck of a spoiler! All Too Well, live. Don’t die on me, people:

Watch on YouTube

And here’s a clip and the encore and closing number, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together:

Watch on YouTube

Thank you to brunerjl and momoka2859 for posting. Yes, there’s more videos out there, but I’m holding back. One massive shoutout to everyone from @TSwiftOnTour for updating last night 🙂

(Credit: Ryan Soderlin/Omaha World-Herald)
(Credit: Ryan Soderlin/Omaha World-Herald)

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • March 14: The Red Tour starts at CenturyLink Center Omaha in Omaha, Nebraska. On sale now. More information on Ticketmaster.
  • March 18: Amos Heller‘s Birthday.
  • March 18 and 19: The Red Tour at Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri. On sale now. More information on Ticketmaster.

(Sources: Omaha World-Herald@TSwiftOnTour)

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