Like A Boss: Scott Borchetta does rumor control on CBS This Morning

(Source: CBS)
(Source: CBS)

I don’t want to dance if I’m not dancing with you, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who’s done his share of rumor control, we wish we could set a lot of people straight. Fortunately, Scott Borchetta has no problem doing just exactly that. While being interviewed by CBS This Morning, the CEO of Big Machine Label Group, Scott had no issues addressing more than a few inaccuracies that have no basis in fact, with actual numbers.

Asked about the negative press that the Sparkly Dressed seems to be getting lately, he said: “Well, you’ve got to sell newspapers, right? So a lot of it is bogus. … When you see the show … you’ll look around and go, ‘Yeah, I don’t see any of that.'”

(Source: Taylor Swift)
(Source: Taylor Swift)

“As far as her popularity waning, there’s no sign of that anywhere,” Scott said on CBS This Morning. “She’s the only artist in the last 15 years to have over two albums debut with over a million in sales in the first week.” Really, waning? Exactly who made that up? Glad Scott tackled that head on, but there was still some doubt left.

The host brought up a New York Times report that stated Swift’s popularity peaked in 2010. I really have to find that one, because I’d like to find out how “popularity” is measured and whether it doesn’t take into account things like Billboard charts, album sales, concert ticket sales and awards. Perhaps they forgot all those.

“Well, again, I don’t see that,” said Scott. To be honest, me neither. “You know, her sales are — we have the biggest sales in the world right now with her, and you have to remember, when you have that much love, there’s going to be haters, so bring on the haters.”

Founded in 2005, Big Machine Records later became Big Machine Label Group, including additional labels Valory and Republic Nashville. It has signed up superstars like Tim McGraw, Rascal Flatts, The Band Perry and the Princess in Red. The label group is also making a household name of new talents such as Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Florida Georgia Line, and the Eli Young Band. When he started Big Machine, one of his first finds was the 14 year old Who-Would-Be-Fearless-One.

(Source: Taylor Swift)
(Source: Taylor Swift)

“I was just enamored by her song-writing prowess, and just her process. And so I just always saw her as a great artist,” said Mr. Borchetta of the Enchantress. “She’s extraordinarily determined. She’s really wired for this moment, things she does naturally. It’s not like she has to wake up and say, ‘OK, it’s time to be Taylor.’ That’s who she is. … She’s extraordinarily driven, and she — like any great artist honestly, they have a vision for how they want to look and sound and there’s a specific, meticulous vision that we all work with her on.”

What is he looking for in a new act? “Individuality,” said the boss. He explained he looking for someone who “has an artist vision and a sense of who they are and what they want to say.”

“I don’t need somebody that sounds like Tim McGraw,” he added. “I have Tim McGraw.”

Like. A. Boss.

You can watch the video here. Sorry, I can’t embed it.

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(Source: CBS This Morning)

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