Review Corner: Brad Paisley’s Wheelhouse

(Source: Sony Music Entertainment)
(Source: Sony Music Entertainment)

Brad Paisley is nothing short of an artist, He’s also more of a storyteller that people may realize.

His most recent albums are not just tracks put together. There’s a pattern. There’s a plot. I’m not talking about each song being a different story, but the whole album is crafted just so that you are listening to an overall theme. They have a beginning, middle and an end. From time to time he even adds small soundbites of a common melody, binding the whole mesh together.

Nowhere is that as obvious as it is in Wheelhouse. From beginning to end, it’s a country tale updated to the current times we live in. Southern Comfort Zone is the leading single, and as such it also one of the first songs that starts challenging the limits on what country music is all about. Not to say he ever leaves his roots. Outstanding In Our Field is bound to be a single soon. There’s also Brad’s humor in Karate, Harvey Bodine (with Eric Idle in a very python-esque intro) and Death Of A Single Man.

Brad also tugs at the heartstrings with Tin Can On A String which is just about another song that should be a single here. I also think he’s got a hit with The Mona Lisa.

That brings out to the controversial Accidental Racist. Actually, it’s almost unnecessary controversial. It’s not a smooth song – it’s a bit rough around the edges both in melody and in lyrics. Perhaps it was intentionally done that way to reflect how the subject of “southern pride and southern blame” is never an easy to discuss subject. It’s not a perfect song, but kudos to Brad for being brave enough to tackle racism head on.

Recommended. You can find it on iTunes.

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