Inside RED Orlando: Our Song at the second night at Amway Center

(Photo: Joshua C. Cruey / Orlando Sentinel)
(Photo: Joshua C. Cruey / Orlando Sentinel)

We got bills to pay, Taylor Nation

Here at the Swift Agency… actually have I ever told you where here is? We, as in the one guy that writes all this stuff, are located in Montréal, Québec up in Canada where the Taylor Swift Store is still stuck in Speak Now mode. Jordan, if you’re reading this, any chances of us fans up north getting some RED stuff anytime soon? Not complaining, just saying…

The Blonde With The Sparkly RED Guitar (wow that nickname is just going to keep getting longer…) played the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida for the second time last night, Central Florida News 13 has a review. It’s not bad per se, but they simply rule out the concert as a “tween” affair right from the start. But, they’re entitled to their opinion and I haven’t seen the concert, so I can’t debate. Yet.

For the accoustic set, the wildcard/classic song last night was Our Song. That brings back a lot of memories for the old school fans 🙂

Watch on YouTube

Also, in case you missed it, the Sparkly Dressed played You’re Not Sorry on the first night in Orlando 🙂

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to Em Stina and Lizzie Elise for posting! You can watch all the classic songs and any guest duets from the RED Tour on our YouTube channel.

The Princess in Red is up for the Billboard Milestone Award and you can VOTE as much as you want! The 2013 Billboard Music Awards take place on May 19. T-Swizzle plays the Philips Arena in Atlanta Georgia on April 18.

(Photo: Frazer Harrison/ACMA2013/Getty Images)
(Photo: Frazer Harrison/ACMA2013/Getty Images)

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • April 18 and 19: The Red Tour at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. On sale now. More information on Ticketmaster.
  • April 20: The Red Tour at Tampa Bay Times Forum in Tampa, Florida. On sale now. More information on Ticketmaster.
  • April 25: The Red Tour at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. On sale now. Ticket information here.

(Source: Central Florida News 13)

4 thoughts on “Inside RED Orlando: Our Song at the second night at Amway Center

  1. Well I did see the Orlando show and it was SO MUCH MORE than a tween event. Yes, there were teenage girls, but there were also 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70 year olds who were there because they love Taylor and not just because they were chaperoning littles. It is an AWESOME show and I highly recommend everyone see it. There are tickets on StubHub still available for upcoming shows. In fact I’m going to Tampa too. So there! Long live TS. #tampaswifty13

  2. Vous avez dites que vous habitez en Monteal, est-ce que vous parlez en francais? J’habite en Australie, donc je parle anglais, mais j’apprende francais a l’ecole, (donc desole si si cela n’a aucun sens, je ne suis pas tres bon! J’essaie juste d’utiliser francais beaucoup afin d’ameliorer.) Aussi, j’adore ton blog, et je le verifie chaque jour, c’est genial!
    Merci beaucoup!

    1. Oui, il me faut parler francais ici. C’est presque la loi. Merci pour ton commentaire 🙂

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