The RED Tour Louisville: Enchanted to meet you, Rose and Brittany!

(Photo: Emily Baker/Instagram)

This night is sparkling, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s thankful for the many lucky chances he’s had to meet The Agency, we’re glad that there are initiatives like the Dream Factory who grants wishes to terminally ill kids.

Rose Russell had a wish granted. She’s a 10 year old that suffers from a rare disorder that causes her to have strokes and seizures. According to Louisville’s own, the¬†Dream Factory¬†gave her¬†the biggest night of her life last night, May 7, as she and her family got a fancy limo ride to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and the KFC Yum Center for the RED Tour concert and backstage meet and greet.

I’m going to give a big shoutout to Brittany, Rose’s big sister. She’s the original big fan of the Sparkly Dressed and the person who introduced her little sister to Tay’s music. Tonight she gets to live her own dream of meeting the Princess in Red. Read the original story at¬†

Yes, that red dress picture is a mini-spoiler. I’m not telling you when it appears though. Props to Emily Baker for the excellent shot.

The wildcard song for the B stage last night, May 7, was¬†Enchanted. I’m sure all the fans at Louisville’s KFC Yum Center didn’t let it go.

Watch on YouTube

Thanks to Southern Indiana Swifty for posting! Now you can watch all the latest RED Tour wildcard songs and duets on the Videos page.

The Enchantress is nominated for the¬†2013 CMT Awards¬†for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year. Don’t forget to¬†vote.¬†Go vote for Taylor for¬†the¬†Billboard Milestone Award.¬†The¬†2013 Billboard Music Awards¬†take place on May 19.¬†The RED Tour continues May 8 in Columbus, Ohio at Nationwide Arena.

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