RED Tour Washington, DC: The Best Day with you, Tay

(Photo: FameFlyNet)
(Photo: FameFlyNet)

I know you were on my side even when I was wrong, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, still a guy who doesn’t know how the trees change in the fall, we’re a bit behind bringing you a blog from the RED Tour’s second and last concert at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC on Sunday, May 12.

You can find an actually really extensive review on the Washington Post and a some considerations on good and evil duality images on Yahoo! Music, but I really want to highlight the wildcard-secret-classic song that the Enchantress chose for the B Stage on Mother’s Day Sunday.

I couldn’t really have done a blog without a clip what is one the most beautiful and often underrated songs in the Sparkly Dressed’s repertoire: the very relevant and nostalgic¬†The Best Day. The fact that Taylor played¬†Never Grow Up on Saturday and¬†The Best Day last night speaks volumes. It was like the perfect bookends of a love poem of mother and child. I’m very happy for the fans who were lucky enough to be there.

Here’s¬†The Best Day, from Sunday, May 12.

Watch on YouTube

And here’s¬†Never Grow Up, from Saturday, May 11.

Watch on YouTube

And that, as they say, it’s all she wrote… plus four albums more. Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day weekend.¬†Thanks to Sneha Kuchipudi¬†and¬†Christina Wilson¬†for posting!

The Enchantress is nominated for the¬†2013 CMT Awards¬†for Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year. Don’t forget to¬†vote.¬†Go vote for Taylor for¬†the¬†Billboard Milestone Award.¬†The¬†2013 Billboard Music Awards¬†take place on May 19.¬†The RED Tour continues May 16 in Houston, Texas.

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(Sources: Washington Post, Yahoo! Music)

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  1. Did Taylor Swift really order FUEL Pizza for all of her Club Red fans in DC on Sunday (mother’s day?)

    1. I don’t know but she has food in there for fans, including pizza from what I hear. Not out of the ordinary, really ūüôā

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