Taylor Swift on New Girl: Who’s Elaine anyway?

(Source: FOX Networks)

Spoilers ahead, Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, still a guy who writes about Taylor in his blog, we hope you watched the New Girl season finale. If you didn’t speak now… or forever be spoiled.

The Princess in Red’s cameo takes place just as Cece puts an end to her wedding after many sabotage attempts. The twist? The groom, Shivrang, then confesses his love for Elaine. And who’s Elaine anyway?

“Oh Shivy, I’ve loved you since the first grade!” says the Enchantress as she stands up. “And I’m so lonely that I just lie awake at night and write about you in my journal and I paint pictures of you on my easel.”

You have to read Max Greenfield’s fanboy confession on Vulture to understand how much respect T-Swizzle commanded on the set.

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(Source: FOX Networks)

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