RED Tour Glendale: Can’t turn back now, I’m Haunted

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

Come on don’t leave me like this, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who gets up early just to blog about Taylor, we might just be getting ready to give you a third edition of the Nashville Diaries as we get ready for the 2013 CMA Fest! The Sparkly Dressed will be performing at the 2013 CMT Awards on June 5 and at the 2013 CMA Fest on the first night at LP Field, June 6.

Watch that jump, T-Swizzle… I always worry when she does that.

The Princess in Red played the first of two nights at ¬† Arena in Glendale, Arizona last night, May 28. The wildcard song of the night was¬†Haunted. One of the most visually impacting highlights of the past Speak Now Tour, this song has this dark but fascinating overtones. It was one of those tracks you just wanted to brag around to people who have only heard two songs from Taylor on pop radio and think that’s all she wrote. Although still a great song when just played on an acoustic guitar, it really deserves the orchestra treatment, like the alternate version you find in the deluxe edition of the Speak Now album.

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Thanks to Alexa Landry for posting! Great acoustic performance, but I really miss the violin in this song.

The Phoenix New Times has this good piece on analyzing what is it that makes people dislike the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar. Unfortunately, the subject is kind of a hater magnet. If I might throw my two cents in, one possibility may be that the mainstream radio overplays the most pop-intensive singles and that’s all people know. I wish¬†Haunted would get played on the radio, but I don’t think it ever became a single to begin with.

Taylor has two nominations for the 2013 CMT Awards, Video of the Year for¬†We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together and Female Video of the Year for¬†Begin Again.¬†The show¬†airs live from Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena on June 5, 2013.

This shot below is from the Dallas concert at the Cowboys Stadium, but it’s a cool one so I thought I’d put it here.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • May 29:¬†The Red Tour at Arena in Glendale, Arizona. On sale now.¬†More information on¬†Ticketmaster.
  • June 1:¬†The Red Tour at¬†EnergySolutions Arena¬†in Salt Lake City, Utah. On sale now. Ticket information¬†here.
  • June 2:¬†The Red Tour at¬†Pepsi Center¬†in Denver, Colorado. On sale now. Ticket information¬†here.
  • June 5:¬†The¬†2013 CMT Music Awards. Taylor Swift is nominated by¬†Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year. Don‚Äôt forget to¬†vote! She‚Äôs also scheduled to perform.
  • June 6 ‚Äď 9:¬†The¬†2013 CMA Music Festival¬†takes place in Nashville, TN. Taylor Swift is confirmed to perform at LP Field on¬†June 6.

(Source: The Phoenix New Times)

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  1. I read the post in The Phoenix New Times you linked to, and looked at the first comment on the article. And it strikes me time and time again how ridiculous that particular reason sounds to me, cause really it tells a story much more so about the person posting it than it ever will about Taylor and her choice of topic in songs. It shows a lack of will to explore and know before judging, it shows laziness and inability to hold back opinions when insufficiently informed. Taylor nuance her songs in a way that takes a listen to understand, which is probably why she always stresses how glad she is that her fans care about lyrics. And when people critique her for being one-sided and unfair in her songs, it really just tells us that those people are lazy, negatively biased and stubborn. Cause we know better – the lyrics tell another story. So it’s frustrating, but they have nothing when they use that argument. In my opinion anyways…Angry rant of the day ūüôā

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