Nashville Diaries: The 4th Annual Mallary Hope Fan Club

Meeting Mallary Hope at her Fan Club Party. Pucketts, Nashville 2013-06-07

Hello hopeful fans,

Mallary Hope is one of my favorite people to blog about. She’s talented, she’s beautiful and she’s an artist with a great online presence. Although the songstress from Cohutta often interacts with her fans on a daily basis through social networking media, it’s never the same as meeting her in person.

The Mallary Hope Fan Club took place at Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant on 5th and Church on Wednesday, on June 6. She did great. She was charming. She has so much talent every stage I’ve seen her perform is always too small when she steps on it and becomes larger as she sings. I think she has a bonafide hit on her hands with the song¬†She Gets My Life. The most difficult thing to do is to say good bye to her.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I wish and want all the success for Mallary, but the day her star shines so bright that these gatherings are no longer possible it will be a little bittersweet. I will still shine my little spotlight to hopefully speed her along the way.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures and a video clip I took from the fan club gathering didn’t turn out so well except for the one you see above which unfortunately, has me in it. Luckily enough, Mallary was performing at the Hard Rock Cafe the next day, June 7 and I’ve managed to get you a shot of the Hopester on stage.

Mallary Hope at Hard Rock Cafe for CMA Fest 2013-06-07

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