David Cook works with Shayna Steele on her new album. David will be at the Montreal Jazz Fest!

Marcus Miller, Eric Harland, Shayna Steele, David Cook & Matt Pierson
(Photo: David Cook via Twitter)

Shayna Steele is an amazing vocalist, artist and producer based out of New York who happens to be married to The Agency’s David Cook. They have a beautiful baby daughter, Caia. Shayna is on Twitter as well, and she’s known to reply to her fans as well as fans of David, Taylor Swift and the Agency.

She is now working on a new album, along with David Cook, Marcus Miller, Eric Harland, Errol Cooney and producer Matt Pierson.

Her first full-length album I’ll Be Anything was co-written with David Cook, establishing her as a solo artist. She has played in clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco, New York City, Milan, Rome and Zurich.

David Cook will be visiting Montreal! He’s playing with singer Morgan James at the Montreal Jazz Festival. They open for George Benson on June 30, but they will also play on the free concerts at the Rio Tinto Alcan stage on July 1st. For the first time ever, I have direct confirmation straight from the artist himself:

Sorry if this looks like I’m bragging. My source just happens to be a Twitter reply.

Shayna Steele and David Cook
(Source: Shayna Steele via Instagram)

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