This Just In: Elizabeth Huett and Seth Jones cast Stones. Listen to it online.

Elizabeth Huett

Life can bring you down, Lizards and Lizettes.

But strangely and brilliantly, Elizabeth Huett and Seth Jones can write song together about it. Their performance is so eerily uplifting that I can’t put my finger on when the song turns sad into happy. Stones can be played online on or Soundcloud.

It’s a bit of country and folk mixed up to create a soothing melody. This is a song you need to feel better on one of those days when you’re not sure your effort is getting you closer to where you want to go.

Things will never so clear – as when you see them like that. Sooner or later it comes around. Yeah, we all taste that bitter truth – that all those stones you’re throwing now – will be the ones they throw at you.

Listen in on Soundcloud

Yeah there are some days I could’ve used this song. We’ve all had those days. Bookmark this one.

You can find more about Liz at her own site Seth Jones can be found at his page on Of course, the lovely and talented Liz has her own Agency Profile: Elizabeth Huett right here 🙂

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