The show must go on: The Princess in Red and the little jagged tooth

Taylor Swift played to a sold out crowd on Thursday at Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines. (Des Moines Register Staff photo by Bryon Houlgrave)
(Photo: Bryon Houlgrave / Des Moines Register)

I don’t know about you, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a grownup guy that acts like a twelve year old when he has to go to the dentist, we’d probably be shaking if we had chipped a tooth. What does T-Swizzle does? She goes on with the show. The Blonde With The Sparkly RED Guitar just played Wells Fargo Arena in Des Moines, Iowa. I hear she was amazing as usual.

More pictures at Des Moines Register.

Rolling Stone magazine has just published an interview that took place back after she had played MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. While talking about the weirdest thing happening on stage, she talked about her show in Pittsburgh, where she hit her mouth with her microphone.

“Tonight I was particularly hung up on not chipping another tooth like last show in Pittsburgh, definitely. It had a tip on [the tooth] and it doesn’t anymore. I try to be really quick with the microphone, so I’m not standing there just waiting to sing with my mic right next to my face, so I really quickly pulled my mic up to sing and basically uppercut punched myself in the tooth. And then part of it fell onto the stage and I was like, ‘Oh, I wonder how bad that was. I wonder which tooth that is and I wonder how bad that is,’ and I was just trying not to chip another one tonight. I’m not doing anything about it. It’s just gonna be a little bit jagged, I guess.”

– Taylor Swift via Rolling Stone

You can read the original article and the full interview on Rolling Stone.

I have to send out a shoutout to Taylor Talk’s Steve Ditch for calling it – Taylor’s tweet about holding her mic tighter was about Pittsburgh and not about the VMAs. I agree 100% now.

On lighter and less injury-related news, have a laugh along with the Queen of Sparks in this outtakes video for Keds Bravehearts.

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The secret song on August 1st was Ours:

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Thanks to Mary Lewandowski for posting! Next concert will be on August 2 and 3 in Kansas City, Missouri.

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(Sources: Des Moines RegisterRolling StoneKeds Bravehearts via YouTube)

4 thoughts on “The show must go on: The Princess in Red and the little jagged tooth

  1. Whaat you agree the tweet was about the chipped tooth and not the VMAs?? Hum I guess there might be a slight chance but I for one just don’t see it as being about anything else than a full-on sarcastic comment meant to disarm and claim final ownership of that awful moment in 2009. In the context and all, no way it’s not about the VMAs! That’s me anyways… 🙂

    1. I think the biggest reason for me is that incident is ancient history. However… it works either way.

      1. Well maybe not so ancient for Taylor. You know, she was there, she may remember it all too well… Hehe… I don’t want to be too assertive here, so I’ll just go on and say I think it’s too good a dig at that incident not to be about it. I laughed so hard and nearly cheered when I read it so it would be a tremendous disappointment to me if she meant it as anything else 🙂

  2. i agree with you thomas. chipping her tooth didn’t have to do with not having a firm grip on the mic, it had to do with moving it up to her mouth too fast and not reacting in time and hitting herself with it. either way i think the tweet was hysterical and i’m a fan of it! lol. xD

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