The Fifth Album: The Princess in Red will take a different turn. The InStyle photoshoot!

(Photo: Giampaolo Sgura for InStyle)

These things will change, Taylor Nation.

But here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who sometimes wishes for more hours in the day, we’re wondering how much can they really change. The Princess in Red is already appearing on newsstands on the November issue of InStyle Magazine with pictures from famous fashion photographer Giampaolo Sgura. They are amazing pictures. I like this RED number you can see on your right. T-Swizzle has also been doing the rounds talking about her future craft.

“I think the goal for the next album is to continue to change, and never change in the same way twice,” the Sparkly Dressed told The Associated Press. “How do I write these figurative diary entries in ways that I’ve never written them before and to a sonic backdrop that I’ve never explored before? It’s my fifth album, which is crazy to think about, but I think what I’m noticing about it so far is it’s definitely taking a different turn than anything I’ve done before.”

How much of a change can it be? The curve from her Fearless album to Speak Now was rather ambitious and definitely more pop-rock centric. However, the differences between Speak Now to her quadruple-platinum album Red are not as pronounced. They are both more centered in pop. It’s hard to imagine there will be something completely unpredictable in her fifth offering.

(Photo: Giampaolo Sgura for InStyle Magazine)

“It’s too early to tell who are going to be my predominant collaborators, but I do know that my absolute dream collaborators were Shellback and Max Martin on the last project,” says the Blonde With The Sparkly Red Guitar. “I’ve never been so challenged as a songwriter. I’ve never learned so much. I’ve never just been so excited to show up to the studio every day, just because you never know what we’re going to put together. I’ll bring in ideas and they’ll take such a different turn than where I thought they were going to go, and that level of unexpected spontaneity is something that really thrills me in the process of making music. … What if we did this? What if we made it weirder? What if we took it darker? I love people who have endless strange and exciting ideas about where music can go.”

She’s mostly talking about her past experiences in Red. She has gone at least one shade of dark with tracks such as “I Knew You Were Trouble” which is a much more mature step than Speak Now’s “Better Than Revenge”. That being said, Speak Now had some unparalleled tracks such as “Long Live”, “Haunted”, “Last Kiss” and “Dear John”. Red’s only over-the-top power ballad is “All Too Well” unless you count the bonus track “The Moment I Knew” from the deluxe edition which is a hidden gem.

Here’s another longer clip of the InStyle Magazine photoshoot:

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  • November 6: The 47th CMA Awards at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN. Taylor is scheduled to perform and nominated for six awards:
    • Entertainer of the Year
    • Female Vocalist of the Year
    • Single of the Year for ”Highway Don’t Care” with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban
    • Album of the Year for RED
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    • Music Video of the Year for ”Highway Don’t Care” with Tim McGraw and Keith Urban
  • November 24: The 2013 American Music Awards air live. Don’t forget to VOTE! Taylor is nominated for five awards:
    • Artist of the Year
    • Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock
    • Favorite Album – Pop/Rock for RED
    • Favorite Female Artist – Country
    • Favorite Album – Country for RED

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  1. I think “Sad Beautiful Tragic” is also unparalleled, and so is “State of Grace”. There’s a great power in those tracks and you can see in them clearly how Taylor evolved and matured as a songwriter

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