New York Magazine explains why Taylor Swift reigns at the top

(Source: New York Magazine)
(Source: New York Magazine)

Get a cup of coffee, Taylor Nation.

There are articles that look like they were phoned in and there are articles that are well researched and documented. New York Magazine has published an article called Why Taylor Swift is the Biggest Pop Star in the World. It’s not good, it’s excellent. It won’t tell you anything that you don’t already know, but it does an excellent job in capturing, as much as that is even possible, the essence of the Queen of Sparks in print.

The biggest accomplishment of the article is its accuracy. Ranging from her personal security, to her cookie baking, to her record sales and her Pinnacle award at the CMA Awards, it covers most of Taylor’s career. Using that moment when she had to blow her nose before continuing her acoustic performance at Bridgestone, the author Jody Rose, paints a very well detailed portrayal of a down-to-earth songstress that’s on top of her game. Here’s a sample quote.

Swift herself is a figure of contradictions. She’s a rock critic’s darling who hasn’t the faintest whiff of countercultural cool about her. Raunchiness is the norm in today’s pop, but Swift is prim, rated G. She is a model of can-do 21st-century girl power whose vision of romance is positively medieval—fairy-­princess, shining-knight, prancing-­unicorn medieval. She can write the sickly sweetest love song you’ve ever heard and churn out the most bilious, vindictive, name-naming, slut-­shaming breakup ballad; often, they’re the same song. Swift’s influence has reverberated through popular music, yet she remains sui generis, a genre of one. By rights, she should be a fringe figure, a cult artist.

Why Taylor Swift is the Biggest Pop Star in the World
by Judy Rosen for New York Magazine.

You can read the entire article on Vulture.

When the author tells her about the middle aged man covered in pins that had driven from Oklahoma to attend the concert alone, sing every lyric and capture every moment on his cellphone. Taylor’s reaction to that one was a show of her usual dry wit: “He’s probably in a file somewhere.” That comment made me smile. No, that wasn’t me. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s probably in a file somewhere too, we’d rather watch the show than record it but we would definitely be singing along. That being said, you no longer attend concerts alone if you’ve been blessed to know enough of the fandom out there, which has been my personal experience. There’s no place where you have more friends than at a Taylor Swift concert.

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Coming up in the Calendar!

  • November 24: The 2013 American Music Awards air live. Taylor is nominated for five awards: Artist of the Year, Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock, Favorite Album – Pop/Rock for RED, Favorite Female Artist – Country, Favorite Album – Country for RED
  • November 26: Taylor Swift performs at the Centrepoint Winter Whites Gala at Kensington Palace in London, UK.

(Sources: Vulture, New York Magazine)

3 thoughts on “New York Magazine explains why Taylor Swift reigns at the top

  1. You and I had different reactions to that one comment. I’ll quote the passage from the linked article.

    [edited for length: it’s Taylor saying “He must be in a file somewhere”]

    To me, the comment appears dismissive. I completely understand the need for security. I think Taylor’s real fans of all ages and genders truly want her to be safe and respect her privacy. For all I know that dude IS in a file somewhere. (Perhaps I am too) But without knowing his name or anything that comment seems callous.

    Actually Ed pegged me with his comment ( paraphrased again) “the one fan in the first few rows acting subdued while everyone else is jumping around”.

    A question back to you, A… Have you, or how many times have you been asked at a Taylor concert “Where are your kids?” I have been a few times.

  2. Great article about T-Swizzle. This has to be the most flattering piece I’ve ever read about Swift. I continue to be amazed at the amount of success she has attained at the age of 23.

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