News Update: Grammy Nominations Concert Live tonight

(Photo: Kevin Winter/WireImage)
(Photo: Kevin Winter/WireImage)

Did I leave my scarf over there, Taylor Nation?

It looks like the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar recorded a performance during The RED Tour in Sydney which will be played during the Grammy Nominations Concert Live tonight on CBS. I was hoping for a live performance because… well, the title has the words ‘Concert’ and ‘Live’ on it. The truth is by the Enchantress will be getting ready to play at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia a few hours after the nominations are over. She’s busy enough as it is to start bending time and space.

Word on the street – and by street I mean Twitter – is that it will be a performance of “I Knew You Were Trouble”. Not to be a downer, but it would’ve been great to highlight the fan-favorite “All Too Well”. I guess it’s not considered mainstream enough but we fans know it… all too well.

The show will be broadcast on CBS from 10 to 11pm Eastern Time and Pacific Time (it’s delayed for Pacific Time), and 9 to 10pm Central Time. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’d rather hibernate all winter than go outside, we expect RED to be nominated for Album of the Year as well as a nomination for the Sparkly Dressed as a performer. Expect her to be nominated in both Country and Pop categories.

The 2013 American Country Awards airs on December 10. You can still vote for Taylor as Artist of the Year until Saturday, December 7.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • December 6: The GRAMMY nominations are announced. Taylor performs from Sydney, Australia. Update! Seems this will be a recorded performance.
  • December 7: The RED Tour at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia.
  • December 10: Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show airs on CBS. Taylor performs and appears on this, recorded on November 13.
  • December 10: The 2013 American Country Awards on FOX. Taylor has eight nominations.

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3 thoughts on “News Update: Grammy Nominations Concert Live tonight

  1. In 2012 when I first hear “all to well” on red, I was sure, she will be doing it for the first time live on the 2014 grammy awards night! It’s the most logical choice…
    As for “I Knew You Were Trouble” is not a bad choice for the Nominations Concert 🙂
    Even it’s “recorded-live” 😉

  2. I get it though, All Too Well is like the Dear John of RED. Just too long, raw and personal to put out into the world of mainstream cynics… And even though it wasn’t a single, all the jerks brought Dear John to a totally different level of attention than it should be acclaimed for. And a part of me thinks she don’t want to further the chances of that happen to All Too Well, that “taint” if you will. IKYWT is already tainted with every gullible hater in the world thinking it’s about this one particular british boybander so it’s not like it can get any worse. I’d hate to see something like that hapen to All Too Well!!! Every other popstar out there today gets away with such cause almost no one gives a crap about them beyond the sound of their songs, Taylor doesn’t have that luxury…

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