RED Tour Brisbane: The Sparkly Dressed shines on

(Source: @REDTourAUS)
(Source: @REDTourAUS)

Hello, Taylor Nation.

Last night, December 7, Taylor Swift was performing at the Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, Australia when the lights went out as “The Lucky One” was starting. The pit section had to be evacuated because apparently the floor was starting to collapse. Don’t worry, the show managed to go on. The outage was not a lengthy one, but I’m sure it got some people worried. A big shoutout to @REDTourAUS¬†and @TSwiftOnTour for the updates!

Rather than retiring to her dressing room, the Princess in Red chose to talk to the crowd, using minimal power for one spotlight and her microphone. Let’s go to the video:

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Everything in a stage works together. You can’t have live power going when the floor is giving way, so more than likely turning off the power was a safety measure. The show did continue, but notably without the use of the mechanical arm for “Treacherous” or “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. People on the pit had to be relocated to the floor area.

Coming next, the 2013 American Country Awards airs on December 10. You can still vote for Taylor as Artist of the Year until Saturday, December 7.

Coming up on the Calendar!

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  • December 10:¬†Victoria‚Äôs Secret Fashion Show¬†airs on CBS. Taylor performs and appears on the show, recorded on November 13.
  • December 10:¬†The¬†2013 American Country Awards¬†on FOX. Taylor has eight nominations including¬†Artist of the Year.
  • December 11:¬†The RED Tour at nib Stadium in Perth, Australia.
  • December 13:¬†Oh, COME ON! You should know by now!
  • December 14:¬†The RED Tour at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia.

(Sources: @REDTourAUS, @TSwiftOnTour)

One thought on “RED Tour Brisbane: The Sparkly Dressed shines on

  1. The fact that Taylor actually came out and talked to us during the technical issues (rather than sending out a roadie) was just another example of what sets her apart from her peers. She handled the whole thing with her usual charm and humour, just a completely class act.

    I didn’t find out what had actually happened until I got home though.

    Personally it made an awesome night just that little bit more amazing.

    Still didn’t get to meet Her Sparkly Goofballness but there’s always next tour.

    (she just needs to hurry up with the DVD for this one, please???)

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