Why Latin America may be long overdue. An Editorial.

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Let me start by setting the tone. It’s not my intention to start making wild assumptions why Taylor Swift has not toured in Latin America on her past tours. Focusing on the negative will not help. What I want to illustrate are the reasons why she should tour Latin America now.

Also, this is an editorial so it’s only my opinion and does not reflect the views of Taylor Swift, her management, her cat, yada yada. It’s a blog. Everything here is laced or tainted by my own point of view.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s no stranger to receiving those messages asking Taylor to come to Brazil and/or Mexico (I am not an official site, people!), we know it’s a issue that is hardly discussed. Taylor Swift has taken her tours internationally through several countries. I’m aware there’s a lot of other countries that she hasn’t visited. I’m talking about a particularly large continental mass that is usually included in other artists’ tours of worldwide fame.

I’m making the case for Latin America because of many reasons: it’s not really that far from where she is, she has visited countries further away and the region has had visits from other artists also at the top of their game. I also might be biased because I’m a Canadian who’s originally from Ecuador.

Realize it’s not up to Taylor alone to put on a tour. You need promoters to offset the cost. Compare the cost of tickets between her concerts and other artists with a large customized moving stage, dancers and crew and you realize that she works hard to keep those ticket prizes down (I know resellers drive ticket prizes up). Local concert promoters may not be familiar with her actual popularity. She’s often still perceived to be a teenager with two songs by lazy concert reviewers. Update your research, critics and promoters. Watch the sales figures. She can sell albums and sell out stadiums.

Instead of trying to imagine reasons why Taylor Swift can’t fly south, I want to take a different approach and focus on the reasons why she should.

  • First and foremost, the fans. She’s got fan clubs and websites dedicated to her. Local magazines put her face in the cover. Her album sales worldwide should easily reflect her popularity in the Latin chapter of the Taylor Nation. If not, the only presence and the constant hashtags inviting her to Mexico and Brazil are so common that other fans notice them.
  • It’s an international artist showcaset. Back in February 1981, British band Queen was the first major rock band that toured South America. Their concert in Brazil is still legendary to this day. Since then, it has only become more popular.
  • Famous friends Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato have both toured Mexico and South America. Yes, they have latin roots, but it’s their pop music that brought out the crowds.
  • Taylor did a micro tour of Brazil, and a limited exclusive performance in Rio de Janeiro. She was warmly received and everyone has been waiting for her to return since then. Remember that?
  • Not that it counts, but Taylor has been in Mexico although briefly. She performed on a cruise boat in Cozumel. First live performance of “Better Than Revenge” and first appearance of David Cook. Remember that?

Hopefully this editorial is going to be completely unnecessary when Taylor finally announces dates for the major concert hubs in Latin America. Not if, when. I fully want to believe she will one day soon. There’s not much I can think of that will speed that up. Actually, the one thing I thought about… you’re reading it. It’s this actual post.

Update: Taylor Talk Episode 123‘s main discussion was based on this editorial. The hosts invited me to participate in the discussion. It was fun and I owe Adam one as he had make sure I didn’t stray off topic. Thanks to Adam, Diane and Sammi for having me. You can listen to it here.

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(Sources: TheSwiftAgency.com, Wikipedia)

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    1. I mentioned that. She played limited exclusive small venues that were open to a select few. You couldn’t buy tickets to those performances.

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