Taylor Swift to present at the 49th ACM Awards & the award forecast

(Source: ACM)
(Source: ACM)

I hope you’re having a great weekend, Taylor Nation.

It’s official, the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar will be a presenter at the 49th ACM Awards tomorrow, Sunday, April 6 in Las Vegas. You can read the original story here. No, she is not performing.

And now, your award forecast…

I’m not a fan of predictions. ¬†Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s not in the industry, we’re going to give you our take from the deserving to the popular to the one who will rustle some feathers for the 49th ACM Awards. I’m just going to pick some of the top categories.

Female Vocalist of the Year

Awards like couples. It’s a cute moment and blah blah blah. So since Miranda and Blake are a couple with enough star power, award shows love to give this one to Miranda and Male Vocalist to Blake. She’s the popular choice. All her fellow nominees deserve it. It really should go to Kacey Musgraves because she had a great year and gave Country Music a huge push. Chances are they’ll give it to Miranda again.

Male Vocalist of the Year

How is Tim McGraw not in this category? The popular choices are Luke and Blake. Blake would’ve been the staple to win it since¬†Miranda is the popular choice for Female Vocalist, but this award hinges on the Entertainer of the Year. If Luke wins Male Vocalist, you can probably bet¬†¬†someone else other than him is winning Entertainer. If Blake wins it, then Luke is still in the run for Entertainer. Chances are it will go to Luke.

Vocal Group of the Year

Popular, deserving and most like to take it are the Band Perry. I would guess Little Big Town is the closest runner-up but they haven’t had another hit in a while. Anybody else would be an upset.

Album of the Year

I really, really would want Kacey Musgraves’¬†Same Trailer, Different Park to win. It was a fresh work of Country music craft¬†away from the usual party, beer and truck lyrics. If not, I’d be happy with Tim McGraw’s¬†Two Lanes of Freedom. If neither of those win, I don’t really care.

ACM Entertainer of the Year

While most of the other awards involve a push after a well deserved performance, this one is all about recognition. Who had the entire year in their hand. That’s the spirit of the award, but the reality is that since this one is fan-voted, that means this will go to the audience favorite – or more precisely the audience favorite that can stir most online voting. The CMAs gave their EOTY to George Strait who’s retiring from touring. It’s a three way run between George, Luke and Taylor. George deserves it and is the popular vote. I don’t think it should go to Luke, but he’s a big name. Taylor winning it might upset the locals, but I don’t care I would love her to win this. Chances are it will go to George, but the ACMs will¬†have to resort to their voting rules disclaimer to get him in front.

Here’s the¬†full¬†video for ACM Entertainer of the Year Nominee, Taylor Swift.

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Don’t forget! You can now vote for Taylor for ACM Entertainer of the Year for the¬†49th Annual ACM Awards.

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  • April 6:¬†The 49th ACM Awards. Taylor Swift is nominated for¬†Entertainer of the Year,¬†Female Vocalist of the Year,¬†¬†and¬†Single Record of the Year,¬†Video of the Year¬†and¬†Vocal Event of the Year¬†for¬†‚ÄĚHighway Don‚Äôt Care‚Ä̬†Tim McGraw Featuring Taylor Swift & Keith Urban.

(Sources: ACM Awards)