The Billboard Music Awards 2014 Swiftlist: What you need to know (and some things you don’t)

(Source: Billboard)
(Source: Billboard)

Please keep the hands inside the ride at all times, Taylor Nation.

The Billboard Music Awards 2014 air live  on Sunday, May 18 on ABC at 8pm ET. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who sometimes must decide between being nice and being honest, we’ve lived enough to know that when both come into conflict sometimes the best thing to do is to remain silent. Or write about it.

The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar is nominated for two awards: Top Social Artist and Top Country Artist.

You can watch the official red carpet on Yahoo! starting at 6pm Eastern Time.

I don’t see the odds being in her favor for the Top Country award. She has remained in touch with Country music, collaborating with Tim McGraw (not to mention her massive donations to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum). But although she is always remembered, she’s not a dominating force in Country Music charts or radio.

She has remained active in online social media, which gives her stronger chance for the Top Social award. The Enchantress’ activity on the popular Instagram site and app is well known. That being said, it is well known across the Taylor Nation fandom – mainstream wise, it might be a different matter. Unfortunately, it comes down to the perception of the award producers that the actual reality. Luckily, Billboard does favor actual numbers which makes Taylor a definite contender.

You’ve probably guessed where I’m going. As much as we all love when Taylor wins, we have to be prepared for the times in which she doesn’t. She doesn’t have a new album and the North American leg of the Red Tour is over since last year. She is still featured on magazines and her presence is an event, but that doesn’t guarantee a win. It is during these moments when it’s hard but commendable to support her and support her we will.

It’s the fandom, who keeps her tally up in fan-voted awards who’s actually still helping the Queen of Sparks. Even when T-Swizzle is not the winner, it’s her obvious appeal that keeps her nominated even without new music. And it’s that appeal that guarantees that whenever her next musical project (fifth album later in the year) will not only be expected anxiously by fans but also by critics and music industry insiders.

As for Taylor, there’s no word on her showing up at then BBMA’s this Sunday. She is not scheduled to perform or present. It won’t be until May 30 until she restarts the Red Tour in Shanghai, China. Here’s hoping she shows up. After all, it always feels like an eternity since we last saw her on TV.

T-Swizzle is up for Video of the Year for “Red”, Female Video of the Year for “Red” and featured in Collaborative Video of the Year for Tim McGraw’s “Highway Don’t Care” for the 2014 CMT Music Awards. You can vote here.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • May 18: The Billboard Music Awards 2014 air live  on May 18 on ABC at 8pm ET. Taylor Swift is nominated for Top Social Artist and Top Country Artist.
  • May 27: Elizabeth Huett‘s Birthday.
  • May 30: The RED Tour in Shanghai, China at Mercedes-Benz Arena. More information.
  • June 1: The RED Tour in Tokyo, Japan at Saitama Super Arena. More Information.
  • June 4: The 2014 CMT Music Awards.
  • June 4: The RED Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia at MEIS (Mata Elang International Stadium). More Information.

(Sources: Billboard)

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