Showcase: Six days of new Mallary Hope music!

(Source: Mallary Hope via Soundcloud)
(Source: Mallary Hope via Soundcloud)

Hello, country music fans.

About a week ago, the talented and beautiful Mallary Hope asked out of the blue if we would like her to reveal a new song for every day for the next six days. Needless to say, everyone of her fans said yes to the songstress from Cohutta.

If you haven’t been paying attention, she’s a brilliant songwriter whose style continues to evolve and grow from the traditionally romantic to the kick-ass country without missing a beat.

Here are six new official unreleased tracks from Mallary’s official Soundcloud account.



When I Walk Away

Why You’re Mine

Stay Gone


(via Soundcloud)

There’s more music to be heard on the Mallary Hope Official Soundcloud page. You can also find her on Facebook and on her very own Agency Profile: Mallary Hope.

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(Sources: Soundcloud)