Little Black Dress Tour: Sara Bareilles in concert in Boston, MA!


This doesn’t have to be a sad song.

There’s a chance you haven’t heard of Sara Bareilles. Likely, there’s more of a chance you haven’t heard of someone like her. Imagine if you will a powerhouse voice, a talent for songwriting, amazing lyrics and intricate compositions and there’s more than a few artists that will come to mind. However one that encompasses all of them within one frame plus no-holds barred attitude and unrehearsed sense of humor and you might find Sara in¬†very small¬†company.


She has no problem with swearing whatsoever. I’ve never heard someone saying hello to the crowd with a happy and enthusiastic, “What the fuck, Boston!” Of course, she’ll always say it with a smile. She’s pretty direct, but she’s never mean.

Talent usually has a highlight. In Sara’s case, it’s really hard to actually pinpoint. She is a singer with a rather amazing range and power to boot. I can’t think of a song she couldn’t sing, but to make it even more unfair she’s a very accomplished songwriter. She’s also a gifted musician on piano, guitar and several other instruments. Two of her albums had Grammy nominations for Best Album of the Year. She’s yet to win. But her talent is recognizable, yet she remains just a little short of mainstream.

The setlist in Boston, Massachusetts at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion was the following:

  • Little Black Dress
  • I Wanna Be Like Me
  • Love On The Rocks
  • Love Song
  • I Choose You
  • Chasing The Sun
  • Hercules
  • Come Round Soon
  • Manhattan
  • Chandelier (Sia cover)
  • (Photo:


  • Sweet As Whole
  • Uncharted
  • My Lovin’ (You Never Gonna Get It) ¬†(En Vogue cover)
  • King Of Anything
  • Brave
  • Bright Lights and Cityscapes (encore acapella)
  • Satellite Call (encore)

I’m glad she’s still playing “Love On The Rocks”, “Gravity” and the rich deep sounding “Come Round Soon” but I wish she would add back “Once Upon Another Time” which is my all time favorite of hers.


Not to say that I don’t have newer favorites as “Chasing The Sun” which should be a single, “Manhattan” a love letter to New York City and the very melodious “Satellite Call” which was a surprise encore. She’s also bringing out “Hercules” which is such a vibrant mix of harmonious chaos that may never find its way to pop radio but it would be such a shame for it to never to be heard on more indie airwaves.

The hits are everyone’s favorites, and for those you can see the fandom just sing along which doesn’t bother her a bit. Sara will even briefly go quiet to heard her lyrics being sung back at her. You probably think I’m going for a Taylor Swift comparison here, but they’re two different genres for me. The sass and the pop mix in “Love Song”, “Uncharted”, the huge hit “King of Anything” and the jewel in the crown which has taken an inspirational life of its own, “Brave”.


Sara does have happy songs. “Little Black Dress” was the opening number, followed by “I Wanna Be Like Me”. Later on she actually acknowledge her song’s often sad vibes but countered with her latest single, “I Choose You”.

Of course she had to bring out “Sweet As Whole” which cements her happy and, I believe, healthy irreverence. It’s not as much a raunchy song as it’s a slapstick comedy made music. I actually cheered when I heard the first telltale first notes. It was just cathartic to sing along to this song, which easily won over the hardest critic.


She did two covers. “Chandelier” from Sia and the more crowd pleasing classic “My Lovin’ (You Never Gonna Get It)” from En Vogue which she used to introduce her touring band.

Speaking about her band, she had a rare treat for the first encore, “Bright Lights and Cityscapes” which was performed acapella along with three of her bandmates. It was such a smart choice to just keep a low key to this new song causing this little interlude to be one of the highlights of the concert. High praise to Sara and her musicians for this performance.

For one video highlight, here’s a brief excerpt of Sara’s performance of “Come Round Soon” that showcases her vocals as well as one of her best songs:

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This¬†was my concert for the year, and I wouldn’t have trade it for none else. If you ever get the chance to see her live in concert, by all means don’t miss it.


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