News Update: The Sparkly Dressed gives us a clue. A visit to Boston’s Children’s Hospital.

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The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar loves her clues. She’s always been a bit of a fan of secret codes. Every one of her album notes (the CD liner with the lyrics that comes on the CD) has always had a clue regarding the song’s origin or inspiration. We here at the Swift Agency, as well as everyone else who’s a proud citizen of the Taylor Nation, are waiting on pins and needles for news regarding the fifth album and the potential first single. It’s no surprise that T-Swizzle couldn’t resist of teasing us with a clue. This time it is an actual clue, because it’s the first real clue we have. Let’s go to the video:

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The 18. Given the urgency of the button-mashing, she’s excited about it. The most obvious possibility here is August 18. So, news on that date? Actually she said¬†So, here’s your first clue…¬†I would be expecting clues to follow. For now, I’ve marked the calendar on this month on the 18, just in case. If it’s a new single, it would match the timeline as August 24 she’s expected to perform at the MTV VMAs. Then again, the only confirmed date so far for new music is the iHeartRadio gig (see¬†People Magazine) which also matches for September since it’s the 19. On the other hand (running out of hands here) I would expect the MTV VMAs to want new music. We could be over thinking it (oh really) and she’s just talking about general new album news. We’ll have to see.

Oh, and if you need a smile today, Taylor visited Jordan Lee Nickerson¬†at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. Here’s the original video¬†and here’s the re-post:

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Don’t forget to vote for Taylor Swift for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards. The Sparkly Dressed¬†is nominated for Teen Choice Female Artist, Choice Country Artist & Choice Smile and she will be presenting. The show airs on FOX August 10. You can vote everyday¬†here.¬†E! Online has reported that the Princess in Red will be performing at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards¬†on August 24.¬†Taylor will be playing new music at the¬†iHeartRadio Music Festival¬†on September 19, as confirmed by a source from¬†Clear Channel, Tom Poleman.

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