Highlights of the premiere and press conference for The Giver

When it rains it pours, Taylor Nation.

The Sparkly Dressed made an appearance at the press conference for The Giver. On top of that, I have more than a few other posts that need writing and life keeps getting in the way. It’s just another day here at the Swift Agency, just a guy that’s happy living in the era of… Oh yeah, we don’t know the name of the Fifth Of Its Kind Yet. Rumors have gone from something related to roses, to pink, green and now something to do with the city skyline. T-Swizzle might be all about The Giver this week, but next week it’s a different song and dance. We think she’s going to go polka. No, we don’t. Stupid ninjas keep hijacking the keyboard, sorry.

Here’s a couple of Taylor vids to tide you over.  First, straight from The Weinstein Company, the highlights of the premiere:

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And here’s Taylor at the press conference of The Giver with the full cast.

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Thanks to The Weinstein Company and cory cohen for posting!

Next up, the Enchantress makes the rounds on the talk show circuit as she appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on August 13 and on Late Night with Seth Meyers on August 14. Don’t forget! Coming next week will be Taylor Swift’s very own Yahoo! Worldwide Livestream at http://yahoo.com/taylorswift on August 18. Surprises are expected.

The Princess in Red doesn’t like to be photographed with glasses. We here think she looks really cute with them, and apparently we’re not the only ones. Lena Dunham managed to get a snapshot of Tay Sway with her frames on, but the resourceful Swiftster managed to grab hold of something to cover up. Or at least that’s our theory (don’t send me comments on how I’m wrong, this is just tongue-in-cheek). Olivia doesn’t look amused.

(Photo: Lena Dunham via Instagram)
(Photo: Lena Dunham via Instagram)

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