Video Showcase: Maddie & Tae’s Girl In A Country Song and Rae Lynn’s God Made Girls

A little side note, Taylor Nation. We’ll get back to Tay after tonight 😉

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s just progressive enough to advocate rights and equality for women, we’re a bit jaded with the whole bro-country vibe. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good country party song as much as the next guy, but when one too many just puts the female gender as decoration, it just gets old quick. It came like a breath of fresh air when duo Maddie and Tae’s song “Girl In A Country Song” got a video that turned the trope on its head. Besides the hilarity, there’s a message there. Maddie and Tae are signed to the resurrected historic Dot Records label, a joint venture between Big Machine Label Group and Republic Records of Universal Music Group.

Let’s show women as real people, mainstream media! The video is fun, the song is catchy, there’s really no preaching whatsoever. The message is clear without being pushy.

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On another vein, here’s Rae Lynn signed to The Valory Music Co., a label under the Big Machine Label Group umbrella, singing a more classic but still female friendly song about girls. Although I’d like it if it also would depart from the usual female roles, there’s space for traditional songs like this. After all, it does proclaim girls dance to their own beat.

Bonus: featured as a ballerina in the vide is Fearless/Speak Now dance crew member Claire Callaway as well her daughter Lulu.

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Next up, the Enchantress makes the rounds on the talk show circuit as she appears on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on August 13 and on Late Night with Seth Meyers on August 14. Don’t forget! Coming next week will be Taylor Swift’s very own Yahoo! Worldwide Livestream at on August 18. Surprises are expected.

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