News Update: The Sparkly Dressed will be an advisor on The Voice

(Source: Big Machine Records)
(Source: Big Machine Records)

Everything’s going to be alright, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, one guy who’s going to be busy with non-Taylor stuff on the month of October, we’ll manage somehow. Life is just getting in the way and unfortunately I can’t put it off even for the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar.

US Weekly has reported the Queen of Sparks will be an advisor on the seventh season of NBC’s The Voice. The Lightning-on-her-feet will appear once the contestants have been chosen, so don’t expect her to appear until everyone’s locked in. The season begins September 22.

On rumor control, Hollywood Life has reported Taylor Swift is getting ready for her tour (a guess, but chances are she’s already got some ideas) that she’s in talks to host SNL (it could happen) and that she will perform at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (no word about this one). Although everyone that has some brain cells can expect a tour next year and chances are Taylor will eventually appear on SNL again, it’s more conjecture than “an inside source” at this point. No clue where the idea of the Thanksgiving Parade came from. It almost feels like someone is trying to feed her ideas. Of course, it could all become true, or part of it, but we like our sources with a name so please be aware that none of this is official.

Go check the latest podcast from! They actually discuss the not-scary topic of Feminism in relation to Taylor Swift. Thanks for the shoutout guys and here’s one back atcha 🙂

Bonus video! Here’s an audience camera trained on Taylor during the 2014 MTV VMA. Someone is doing their job right.

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Coming up on the Calendar!

  • September 19: Taylor Swift performs at the iHeartRadio Music Festival at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • September 22: Taylor Swift will be one of the advisors on the new season of NBC’s The Voice according to US Weekly.
  • October 27: Taylor Swift’s 1989 is released.

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