News Update: Taylor’s CMA nomination & the German Radio Awards

(Source: ABC)
(Source: ABC)

Guten tag, Taylor Nation.

The CMA Awards nominations have been announced. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar has received one nomination for Female Vocalist of the Year. It’s the first time since 2009 that she’s not nominated for Entertainer of the Year. Without any new music to consider, this nomination is a bit of an olive branch. She’ll always have her roots in Country Music, but she has moved on.

I wouldn’t mind if she visits Country occasionally… but perhaps I’m dreaming impossible dreams. Lightning-On-Her-Feet is in London, UK because… Not a clue. Okey, so there’s an iTunes Festival for 30 days. Entertainment Wise is guessing she’s a surprise performer.

However that will have to wait. Taylor is confirmed to play at the 2014 German Radio Awards, or I should say, Deutscher Radiopreis 2014, on September 4. Thanks to @BigMachineGlobal for the news!

Here’s the promotion video including the Shaker & Baker herself. Not surprisingly, she appears at around 13 seconds in:

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Thanks to @TaylorSwiftVid for the clip!

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(Sources: CMA AwardsDeutscher Radiopreis 2014)

One thought on “News Update: Taylor’s CMA nomination & the German Radio Awards

  1. i was a big fan from germany, but now, where taylor is official pop, i’m out. because of taylor i got into country and was able to learn a new world of music, country.
    in country she was unique and special, no one was like her. but in pop, she is one among millions. this is very sad and i think it’s the wrong way she is going.
    i will follow her in the social media, but musically it’s over. her best album was ‘speak now’.

    now, i have to go with cassadee pope or danielle bradbary.

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