Lightning On Her Feet: A Swift visit to Montreal

(Photo: Taylor Swift via Tumblr)
(Photo: Taylor Swift via Tumblr)

Lightning-On-Her-Feet indeed, Taylor Nation.

I don’t have much to tell you. The Princess In Red herself was in town. My town. Ok, not mine. It’s a time share thing. We’ll talk another time. The point (and I do have one) is that she was here, but if you were thinking about catching a glimpse, it’s too late now. Her fans are in the rear view mirror disappearing now. Taylor is in Toronto today, doing another lightning visit.

The visit was to do a bunch of press and quick promotion of her upcoming album. To say that her visit was quick would be an understatement. I’ve had layovers that are longer. But that’s how the cookie crumbles and the bakers bake, bake, bake in a day in the life of a star of her caliber.

I took a chance, I took a shot and you might think my plan was bulletproof except it was far from being a plan at all. Ok, if you want to call going to a huge building with a lot of entrances where you think Taylor might show up at some point of the day a plan… It was a little more than a dream actually. I didn’t have the intention for this to be anything of a chance to meet T-Swizzle (you probably know I’ve already had the honor) but I still wanted to catch a glimpse and be proud to say she was here.

From what I understand, she made it in and she was seen. I was not at the right place and moment for that. But at least I got a fleeting glimpse of waving hand inside a SUV when she was leaving. Craziness ensued, but as it happens when she’s just in a tight schedule, she was on the clock and in a hurry. I so hope she had at least fans on the show and interviewers that do research. We’ll have to wait for that.

Was it worth it? Yeah, I managed to spend a few hours listening to fans both in English and in French (which I really gotta practice more, I barely could follow) talking about the Sparkly Dressed. The Montreal chapter of the Taylor Nation are alive and kicking. If I want something for Taylor to take from her short visit here was that Montreal wants her back a lot, and we would be honored to be a stop in her next tour.

According to Journal de Montreal¬†and Huffington Post, she was here to record¬†an interview with Radio-Canada’s Tout le monde en parle. The interview will air on Sunday, September 28 at 20h on Radio-Canada.

The X-Factor Australia’s official Twitter account confirmed that Taylor will be performing on the show’s grand finale in October. Taylor will probably do a lightning trip to Australia to promote her album 1989 out on October 27. The Sparkly Dressed is nominated for Best Female and Best Look at the 2014 MTV EMA on November 9. You can vote here.

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