News Update: Vogue UK! Taylor on Le Grand Journal! Behind the scenes of 1989’s packaging

(Photo: Mario Testino for VOGUE)
(Photo: Mario Testino for VOGUE)

I was dreaming when I wrote this, forgive me if it goes astray… 

If you recognize the lyrics above, give yourself some old school points. One less that two thousand will do. Going back to the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar, Taylor will be on the cover of Vogue UK for November. Picture to your right.

“This time around I’ve chosen the brave and bold way of going about things,” Taylor tells Vogue UK. “Because with this album I’ve completely changed the sound of everything I’ve done until now. So it’s interesting to not be afraid of that. You know, I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, I don’t want to betray Nashville, whatever, but essentially it comes down to challenging yourself as an artist.”

You can read more on that interview in the November issue of Vogue UK, in newsstands on Monday, October 6 (it will be available digitally tomorrow).

The Queen of Sparks is about go into battle mode as she invades all media with 1989 promotion. This is good and bad. Good for us, bad if you don’t like Taylor. As a citizen of the western world, I do understand commercialism as a necessary evil. Still, something good does come out of it as team Taylor is making available meet and greets through some of these promotion. Subway, for example, has the Subway Freshbuzz Meet Taylor Swift contest. Subway even has this Behind The Scenes packaging clip. Let’s go to the video!

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On other news, Taylor Swift will be on Le Grand Journal on October 6. There’s a contest through to win one of fifteen prizes consisting of tickets for two people to see her live on To join, follow them on Twitter and make sure you RT this tweet:

The contest is open until tomorrow, October 3. For more information, please look up

For something more akin to music, you still have the official 1989 Swiftstakes that includes 250 Meets and Greets for two people. Taylor Swift’s new album, 1989, is released October 27. Taylor will be in New York City for the release. The Sparkly Dressed is nominated for Best Female and Best Look at the 2014 MTV EMA on November 9. You can vote here.

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