Truly Brave: Sara Bareilles and Cyndi Lauper’s team up against pediatric cancer

(Source: TODAY)
(Source: TODAY)

Let your words be anything but empty…

It might not be wise to divert topics in the midst of the whirlwind that is the pre-release 1989 promo tour but this is for a good cause. According to the official video description, TODAY’s Hoda Kotb teamed up with Cyndi Lauper and Sara Bareilles, who mashed up their hits ‘True Colors’ and ‘Brave’ to create a song to raise money for the fight against pediatric cancer. The music video for “Truly Brave” features young cancer patients from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. You can help out here.

The result is a brilliant piece of music that acts like a conduct for hope so I thought this was worth sharing. Have a listen:

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Sara Bareilles is impressive. Not many people can match vocals with the legendary Cyndi Lauper, but then again not many people can match vocals with Sara Bareilles! 🙂 If you want to help fight pediatric cancer, please donate here.

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(Sources: TODAY via YouTube)