This Just In: Watch Good Morning America, check iTunes at midnight

We’re not Out of the Woods yet, Taylor Nation.

But we’re getting there. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who picked the worst possible time to move headquarters, we’re still managing somehow. The Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar also decided to give us a heart attack by announcing that maybe we should watch Good Morning America tomorrow morning and check iTunes later on at midnight (that’s midnight Monday-Tuesday, not right now). The mysterious track will not be a single, just a promo song… that has the honor of being called the most representative track of the upcoming¬†1989¬†album.

Taylor will join Alan Carr on his show Alan Carr: Chatty Man¬†on Channel 4.¬†The show airs Friday, October 24. Remember you can take part in¬†the official 1989 Swiftstakes that includes 250 Meets and Greets for two people. Taylor Swift’s new album,¬†1989, is released October 27. The Sparkly Dressed is nominated for Best Female and¬†Best Look at the¬†2014 MTV EMA on November 9. You can vote here.

(Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)
(Photo: Taylor Swift via Instagram)

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(Sources: Taylor Swift via Twitter)