Outtakes #8 with director Mark Romanek, and some kittens with a new song

You have to be kitten me, Taylor Nation.

This is going to be a short intro. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s supposed to be somewhere else this morning, we’re not really lightning on our feet. Mark Romanek, the director himself, is the focus of the outtakes video #8 from the “Shake It Off” shoot.

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Diet Coke has a new ad featuring Taylor Swift and some multiplying kittens. That’s in your future, Selina Kyle. Plus you get to see Olivia next to the¬†1989¬†album cover. Olivia’s agent could not be reached for comment.

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However, the question that is in everyone’s mind is… was that a snippet of another song playing in the background? “And that’s how it works, that’s how you get the girl, girl.” That line alone… We’ll have to wait for the full song to confirm, but that could be one of the most polarizing lyrics ever. Waiting ends October 27.¬†Update! Taylor confirmed it is a new song.

Remember you can take part in¬†the official 1989 Swiftstakes that includes 250 Meets and Greets for two people. Taylor Swift’s new album,¬†1989, is released October 27. The Sparkly Dressed is nominated for Best Female and¬†Best Look at the¬†2014 MTV EMA on November 9. You can vote here.

(Source: Diet Coke)
(Source: Diet Coke)

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(Sources: Taylor Swift via YouTube, Diet Coke via YouTube)

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