The Post-Weekend Update: Caitlin! Scott! Sara! Ingrid! And of course…Taylor!

(Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)
(Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT)

Don’t worry. We’re not having a mental breakdown, Taylor Nation.

Sometimes here we’re caught way behind the news and there’s little to no chance of writing one post per each news item. So, here’s what has happened up until now.

On Beyond the Agency news, this one’s back from December 2nd where Keith Urban performed on the¬†2014 CMT Artists Of The Year at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. The Agency’s Caitlin Evanson performed right alongside him. Oh yeah, she did let her hair down. This is Cait we’re talking about after all. You can read up more on the story and see more pictures at¬†Caitlin’s Birdies.

Big Machine Label Group’s own big boss will be extra busy next year. Scott Borchetta is going to be a mentor on American Idol. You can read up on the announcement on Rolling Stone. “There’s only one reason I’m doing this,” said Borchetta. “American Idol has proven again and again that it can launch superstars. I believe that working with these young artists the same way we work with new artists at the Big Machine Label Group will help the next American Idol be as prepared as possible to continue the tradition of creating new superstars.”

There’s an interesting discussion in this week’s Taylor Talk: Episode 163 as Borchetta’s inclusion in FOX Network’s singing contest might alter the dynamics of BMLG artists on FOX’s award shows. Head over here to listen in ūüėČ

And now, twitter news. Sorry, can’t have video all the time.

First up, Happy Birthday Sara Bareilles! She turned 35 yesterday, December 7. Second of all, Happy Birthday Ingrid Michaelson! She’s turning 35 today, December 8.

GO TAYLOR! This is Taylor’s reaction to rumors that she kissed Karlie Kloss and/or that they’re a couple. When reached for comment, her representative (the always awesome Tree Payne) called the rumor “hilarious”. Seriously, can we not? I don’t have anything against fans “shipping” couples, to each their own. If the media could give her a break it would be really appreciated. For once, could we focus on the incredible music she’s creating? Three GRAMMY nominations to her first single from a new album and the mainstream media are still reporting on her love life. Let’s not.

You probably know that the¬†2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show¬†is coming up on CBS this Tuesday, December 9. In case it hasn’t been evident, I’m trying to be an ally for the cause of feminism, gender equality and equal representation. Expect a little editorial content with the article after the show is broadcast tomorrow.

Taylor¬†will be at¬†z100’s Jingle Ball 2014¬†in New York City, New York on December 12. She headlines¬†New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest¬†on December 31.

Coming up on the Calendar!

(Sources: Caitlin’s Birdies,¬†Rolling Stone,¬†Taylor Talk, Twitter)

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  1. Believe you are missing a calendar item. US MTV is broadcasting a 30-minute special on the evening of the 13th to celebrate Taylor’s 25th birthday and look back at her appearances on MTV over the years. Believe it’s true as I got it directly from their website. Its on at 20:00 Eastern and is called “25 Candles: Taylor Swift’s MTV Moments”. Check it out.

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