Rule-breaking according to the Sparkly Dressed. Commentary.

(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)
(Source: The Hollywood Reporter)

Question everything, Taylor Nation.

In the January edition of The Hollywood Reporter, the Enchantress once again states she always resisted the not-so-subtle pressure to become a cliche. Here’s where the public perception of Taylor is a bit distorted. The Sparkly Dressed is often thought of as a cookie-cut image created by savvy executives looking for a formula. However, when you think about it, is there any other artist that changes genres in public at the top of their game?

Garth Brooks tried it, albeit for one album. Didn’t work. Then there’s a few pop artists that are now dipping their feet into Country music a lot of years after their last pop albums appeared at the top of the charts. You can argue that Taylor already had the pop element in a lot of her albums, but actually making the statement in public that you’re not going to pursue the genre anymore is bold. As is having to convince people on her own team that each of the risks she was taking were worth it. As well as pulling her music from Spotify. Taylor may not break the law, but she certainly traces her own path. She makes waves.

I don’t see her alienating her fanbase ever, because as long as what she does is true to herself we’ll see where she’s going. I guess if you have such a view that you will only listen to music labelled as a certain category or completely abhor the pop genre, the idea of listening to 1989 would make you stop. To use an expression from Gena Camerlengo (shoutout to @GenaGabrielle!), “I found Taylor because of her music, but I stayed because of her character.”

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Just to be clear, I am not that man in a suit 😉

Here’s a little bonus clip discovered via TT4Taylor. Here’s Adam Levine’s weakness for musicals exposed on NBC’s The Voice (spoiler alert: the homepage already has details about the finale). Yes, I watched this video just to hear Taylor Swift sing that line from the Rent musical. Bet you’ll do that too.

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Don’t forget Taylor Swift will be the headliner at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest on December 31! Also, just around the block, Taylor is nominated for the People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Female ArtistFavorite Pop Artist and Favorite Song for “Shake It Off” on January 7.

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(Sources: The Hollywood ReporterThe Voice)