The Weekly Rant: When it’s not about Taylor. A hack, a countdown and some actual news.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram - this one's actually a pic from Tay)
(Source: Taylor Swift via Instagram – this one’s actually a pic from Tay)

Ain’t it funny, rumors fly, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, we’re trying not to get down about the the liars and the dirty, dirty cheats of the world… but sometimes we do have to rant about them. Someone decided it would be a good idea to hack Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram account. Oh, kids. Talk about trying to get their five minutes of nameless fame. Anyhow, not a big deal of harm done. Twenty minutes later Twitter was erasing tweets and suspending accounts. Taylor has regained control.

At least we got the chance to hear some sass as Taylor rejected another rumor that nudes of her could appear. As if.

On other news that even have less to do about T-Swizzle, Triple J in Australia has disqualified Taylor Swift’s entry into the Hottest 100 countdown contest. Here’s the deal. Buzzfeed and KFC both supported a #Tay4Hottest100 hashtag. The poll is public, but supposedly based on what Triple J plays during the year. According to them, they’ve never played Taylor Swift and the people voting for the Blonde With The Sparkly Guitar were just trying to teach who they perceived as “music snobs” a lesson by voting something mainstream in the countdown. Bottom line? It seems that there has been quite a few examples of people trolling the list with entries that are not valid. So for all that jazz, Triple J made a list of reasons why they disqualified Taylor Swift as an entry. Not as a person. They don’t have any beef with Taylor Swift.

And this is just another example of someone putting Tay’s name in the middle of something she never asked to be a part of in the first place.

On news that actually involve Taylor Swift at all, she made an appearance at the Grammy’s party for Nashville nominees. How did she show up? Discreetly. She never walked the red carpet. Once inside, she got pictures with the people who wanted a picture. There’s a time for modesty and Taylor let the other Nashville residents have a go. We all know she moved to NYC, but still know that she never forgets Nashville is where she sharpened her skills. There will always be a place for Music Town in the hearts and minds of the citizens of the Taylor Nation. You can read the original story at The Tennessean.

And finally, Canada’s JUNO Awards have announced their nominees for 2015 and I’m proud to announce that 1989 has received a nomination for International Album of the Year. The show airs on March 15.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • February 8: The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Taylor Swift is nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance for “Shake It Off”.
  • February 25: Taylor Swift is nominated for International Female Solo Artist for the BRIT Awards 2015. She is scheduled to perform.

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