The 57th GRAMMY Awards Swiftlist & Pre-Award Commentary

(Source: 13 Management)
(Source: 13 Management)

Let’s get ready to rumble, Taylor Nation!

Taylor Swift is nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance for “Shake It Off”. The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards takes place tonight, February 8, at Staples Center in Los Angeles and will be broadcast in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8–11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).  E! Live from the Red Carpet starts at 6pm ET / 3pm ET.

The Enchantress is stting in the first row with her best friend Abigail Anderson. The Haim sisters will be sitting behind her, although there’s no word on whether Danielle Haim will make the show. Taylor will be announcing an award for the Best New Artist. The newcomer band of sisters Haim are nominated for that award and they happen to be Taylor’s newest tour mates. Then again they go against the likes of artists like Iggy Azalea and Sam Smith who have had a great year. It’s hard to call a winner there. The GRAMMY voters don’t always go for popularity as you might remember.

Which brings it to the big three tonight for Taylor fans: Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance for “Shake It Off”. I’d rather not talk about T’s chances here because as stated often, the GRAMMY voters can be hard to read. Sometimes they’re conventional, some years they go off the beaten path. Being successful doesn’t guarantee you a win, although some measure of success is necessary for a nomination. The opposite is also true. Winning a Grammy doesn’t make you successful, but it’s one of the greatest accolades and will be mentioned often next to your name. The icing on the cake is that the Forever and Always Fearless One has both. She is a both a Grammy winner and a successful performer with a current album that has been #1 on the charts for ten weeks.

Let me make this clear. Tay doesn’t need a Grammy but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t win one. She is nominated because her work has deserved a Grammy nomination. When it comes down to it, a Grammy nomination is already a win. Whether she should be at the top of that list is up to the voters, and they should not pick the winners based on who has won before or who hasn’t. If they consider themselves the highest merit you can obtain in music, they should pick the artist from the list they consider the best at what the award recognizes. “Shake It Off” is very on par for the course for all three nominations and needs no excuses to win. But the hit single has some very strong -and very deserving- competition.

Finally, Taylor is front row tonight and you know what that means. We’ll get some adorkable dancing. That being said, we’ve got performances with everyone under the sun and that might include a name or two that have history. There’s that one rapper whose name I forgot who has interrupted her in the past and then there’s another artist that might or might not have some bad blood with her. Such is life that sometimes we gotta run into our past. Nothing new and I’m sure T-Swizzle will handle it like it pro. She could make a castle with every brick… you know.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • February 8: The 57th Annual GRAMMY Awards. Taylor Swift is nominated for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance for “Shake It Off”.
  • February 13: Caitlin Evanson performs at Lestat’s West in San Diego, California.
  • February 15: Taylor Swift is part of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary.
  • February 25: Taylor Swift is nominated for International Female Solo Artist for the BRIT Awards 2015. She is scheduled to perform.
  • March 15: Taylor Swift’s 1989 is nominated for International Album of the Year for the 2015 JUNO Awards.
  • March 29: Taylor Swift is nominated for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for “Shake It Off”, Best Fan Army for the Swifties, and Lyrics of the Year for “Blank Space” for the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The show will be broadcast on NBC at 8pm ET.

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