Interviews at the 57th GRAMMY Awards: Taylor talks to ET and E!

Did Taylor predicted Shake It Off eight years ago, Taylor Nation?

More on that story coming up in a moment. Here at the Swift Agency, not a news agency by any extent of the imagination, we’re still happy for Taylor because she might have not won a Grammy but she was very much a relevant subject throughout the night. But before we get into that here’s the Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone listening to herself back in 2009, let’s check in with the Sparkly Dressed talking to Entertainment Tonight.

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And here’s Ryan Seacrest with E! Live From The Red Carpet giving Taylor something else to freak about with a prediction from her 18-year old self. Apparently, “Shake It Off” was an expression she has used before. No, this is not a segue into her team trademarking phrases. Perhaps “Shake It Off” could’ve been there in the back of her mind… I shouldn’t be asking myself why” (for 1000 Swiftie points, name the song!). Let’s go to the video. Things to lookout for: Taylor makes muppet hands when she freaks out.

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On other less important news, the ‘feud’ with Diplo (he’s a DJ/producer, yeah I had to Google it) has also ended as Taylor posed for an instagram picture. This one was silly all the way through, not that online feuds get any better than this (no, this wasn’t a segue into the Fearless lyrics, sorry no points here!). Anyhow, we never thought much of this one anyway (wait, did I mean the feud or Diplo? Your call).

(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)
(Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • February 13:¬†Caitlin Evanson¬†performs at¬†Lestat’s West¬†in San Diego, California.
  • February 15: Taylor Swift is part of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary.
  • February 25: Taylor Swift is nominated for¬†International Female Solo Artist¬†for¬†the BRIT Awards 2015. She is scheduled to perform.
  • March 15:¬†Taylor Swift’s 1989 is nominated for¬†International Album of the Year for the¬†2015 JUNO Awards.
  • March 29: Taylor Swift is nominated¬†for¬†Artist of the Year, Song of the Year¬†for “Shake It Off”, Best Fan Army for the Swifties, and¬†Lyrics of the Year for “Blank Space” for the¬†2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The show will be broadcast on NBC at 8pm ET.

(Sources: Entertainment Tonight, E!)