We never go out of Style: The music video is here!

Good morning, Taylor Nation!

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s not taking off his coat because it’s cold up here in Canada, we’re glad to announce the new music video for “Style”. Let’s go to the video:

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First impressions? A lot more contemplative that I expected. Actually, as some other people have noted the video would seem to fit a slow song. However, there’s passion bubbling underneath that surface which would fit a power song. It’s like she’s trying to mix a lot of styles- Oooh! The many styles of one song. I’m starting to get why the verse and the chorus are so far in style (yeah I can’t stop using that word now) that they almost seem like different songs put together.

Update! The director for the video was Kyle Newman. The actor is Dominic Sherwood.

Coming up on the Calendar!

  • February 13: Caitlin Evanson performs at Lestat’s West in San Diego, California.
  • February 15: Taylor Swift is part of Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary.
  • February 25: Taylor Swift is nominated for International Female Solo Artist for the BRIT Awards 2015. She is scheduled to perform.
  • March 15: Taylor Swift’s 1989 is nominated for International Album of the Year for the 2015 JUNO Awards.
  • March 29: Taylor Swift is nominated for Artist of the Year, Song of the Year for “Shake It Off”, Best Fan Army for the Swifties, and Lyrics of the Year for “Blank Space” for the 2015 iHeartRadio Music Awards. The show will be broadcast on NBC at 8pm ET.

(Sources: Taylor Swift via YouTube)

One thought on “We never go out of Style: The music video is here!

  1. I like it, it is very much about atmosphere and imagery (two things our gal does love).

    And, I have to say, so much more tasteful than, literally, anything that I heard suggested by the fandom (I worry about those kids some times).

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