The Agency Spotlight & Review Corner: Mike Meadows – When You Need Someone

(Source: Meadows Songs, Inc.)
(Source: Meadows Songs, Inc.)

It’s Mike’s turn on the spotlight, Taylor Nation!

The Agency’s Mike Meadows is well known as the master of instruments, but he’s also an accomplished solo performer. Right now, you can hear his new EP on iTunes. Mike’s  When You Need Someone, Vol. 1 EP is a great soundtrack for a day off, a lazy evening or for a road trip. For some reason, I can imagine myself listening and singing along to these songs while driving, but perhaps that’s just me.

“Last Time the Lights Went Out” is a song that could easily feel at home in an album by Keith Urban or Lady Antebellum. There’s some country, some pop and some easy rock and roll. It has that turn-up-the-radio quality to it. “Coming With Me” is a slow song, but it’s uplifting and has enough oomph to bring your spirits up. Mike doesn’t let up, as the next song “If Only I’d Known” is a great power ballad that might be my favorite one right now. There’s a hint of nostalgia that reminds me of Eric Church’s Chief, not in sound but just in feeling. “Rain on the Roof” really digs into the guitar, with twang and amazing vocals. “Know You” is another of those tracks that feels like it begs for a long stretch of road to listen to, another amazing song that closes the EP.

Actually if any of these songs are any indication of Mike’s craft – and I believe they are – it begs the question of what would Mike would do if, or perhaps I should say when, he goes full steam on a complete studio album. You can get the amazing When You Need Someone, Vol. 1, and you should, on iTunes now.

You can find out more about Mike Meadows on his own page here on Agency Profile: Mike Meadows.

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(Sources: The Swift Agency)