Video Showcase: Caitlin Evanson is Livin’ In La Jolla

What a beautiful sound, Caitlin!

When I moved last year, I got a new bookcase. When Caitlin Evanson gets a new place, she picks up her fiddle, gets Pedro Talarico of Red & Rooster to back her up with a guitar and comes up with a new song. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who can’t put together Ikea furniture in the time it takes for Cait to make a new song, we’re pretty sure her songs will stand the test of time (or longer than my bookcase at least).

Here’s Caitlin and Pedro with “Livin’ in La Jolla”

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And here’s another one from Caitlin, this is “You Only Think Of Florida When It’s Cold”

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You can read up on Caitlin on her own Agency Profile: Caitlin Evanson.

Caitlin will be performing at Lestat’s West in San Diego, California on May 15. Also performing that night are Tim Connolly and Kennady Tracy. According to Reverbnation, tickets are available at the door. Update: She is also performing there as part of the Adams Ave Unplugged event on April 25. Thanks to @_Jencita_ for the heads up! 🙂

(Source: Lestat's West via Kennady Tracy)
(Source: Lestat’s West via Kennady Tracy)

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(Sources: Agency Profile: Caitlin EvansonReverbnation)