Glamour on Taylor, by Taylor: The Lightning-On-Her-Feet takes over

(Photo: Damon Baker for Glamour UK)
(Photo: Damon Baker for Glamour UK)

T minus 11 days to the 1989 World Tour, Taylor Nation.

Just a swift note here: Ticketmaster has released a limited amount of tickets for the 1989 World Tour concerts at Metlife Stadium. You might want to check that out.

Because we needed another reason to love her, the Queen of Sparks not only appears in June’s edition of Glamour UK magazine but also gets to write her own stuff. She also does the cover and gets interviewed because you can’t have Taylor in your magazine and not do that. It would be like inviting her to your award show and not pointing the camera at her when she’s dancing.

We’ll get to the pictures, but first here’s one of my favorite quotes about Taylor making nice look cool:

“Well, I just don’t place much priority on looking cool,” she tells Glamour UK‘s Jo Elvin. “And I think at 25, I’m finally OK with feeling that. I’ve said this before. I think there’s this priority on having this persona of being edgy or cool or bored. And those things are all sexy. All those things are chic, when you seem not to care about anything other than yourself. And I just don’t buy into it. I’m really excited by lots of things. I think enthusiasm is the best protection. It can protect you from anything. And I don’t feel bored by any of this, so I don’t strive to look bored by any of this.”

Ok, ok picture time 🙂

Another quote to consider is her decision to make a pop album, which her label was not too keen about doing.

“It would have been all on me if we hadn’t sold half of what they wanted and I knew that,” she says. “But I knew that you can’t let fans get comfortable with what you make. We’re supposed to entertain people. Repeating one thing over and over again is not entertaining.”

You can read more on the article preview at Glamour UK and the entire thing when it hits the stands on April 30. Look for her articles My rules for life, The women who made me and Where I hang out.

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(Sources: Glamour UK)