Beyond The Agency: Happy Birthday, Grant Mickelson!


T minus 6 days to the 1989 World Tour, Taylor Nation.

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s good at cooking when he has leftovers, we’re always glad to bring the spotlight to former Agency band member Grant Mickelson. Only that we’re not quite ready to do that yet. Oops. Mine is a bit of a one man operation in case you haven’t figured it out. Anyway, it’s his birthday so we really wanted to congratulate him today. Hopefully I have some news to share in the near future 🙂

The Agency’s former guitar player was born in Sioux City, Iowa in April 30. He was very active in the local music scene. His passion for the guitar took him to Texas where he majored in Jazz Studies at the University of North Texas. In 2004, he moved to Nashville, where he studied music at Belmont University and began making contacts in the music industry.

In addition to Taylor Swift, Grant has toured with other well-known country performers such as Sara Evans and Carolyn Dawn Johnson and has played lead guitar for Lady Antebellum as well as Damon Smith.

Currently he gives out lessons via Skype. You can reach him through twitter. He has an email he mails publicly available, but I don’t want to post it right out. You can find it on Twitter @GrantMickelson.

You can find more about Grant on his own Agency Profile: Grant Mickelson.

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