Elizabeth Huett on FOX 4 News! Liz is scheduled to play at CMA Fest :)

Everything is right with the world right now 🙂

According to the CMA Fest 2015 artist schedule, the beautiful and talented Elizabeth Huett will be performing at the Showcase Stage on Thursday, June 11 from 3:45pm to 4:15pm. Yas. Hope I get to see her. Here’s Liz and her fiance Bryan Brown performing for the FOX 4 Kansas City News. Check their site for a full video.


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Yes, I know the artist schedule is subject to change but I might just be showing up in Nashville in June. Because I’m just a guy who would love to hear Liz perform once more 😀

(Source: Elizabeth Huett via Instagram)
(Source: Elizabeth Huett via Instagram)

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(Sources: CMA WorldFOX 4 Kansas City News)