The 1989 World Tour: I’ll write your name Baton Rouge! The first tour reviews are in!

(Photo: Brianna Paciorka, | The Times-Picayune)
(Photo: Brianna Paciorka, | The Times-Picayune)

The struggle is real, Taylor Nation. Minimal spoilers ahead.

Click away now if you’d rather not know, but other than light spoilers, I’m staying clear of a full experience post until my own first concert arrives in July 7 in Montreal. Here at the Swift Agency, just one guy who puts the old in old school, we’re in cloud nine as the 1989 World Tour continues at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, Lousiana!

According to | The Times-Picayune, the Lightning On Her Feet singer-songwriter “gave an unforgettable, interactive and nonstop show full of energy and pure emotion that was made for tweets, ‘grams and snaps.” You can read the review on

Her opening salvo in Bossier City on May 20 has received an amazing review from The New York Times. When referring to her newer performance of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, the Times’ Jon Caramanica wrote: “Suddenly, the song wasn’t about fretting over someone’s opinion; it was about knowing you’ve been the cool one all along, and finally owning it.”

In the same article, he also wrote: “Whatever underdog anxieties Ms. Swift might have had earlier in her career are mostly gone. With the release in the fall of “1989” (Big Machine), her fifth album, Ms. Swift neatly ascended to the top of the pop hierarchy, largely by bypassing and ignoring most of her peers.” That is not a flippant attitude. That is just Taylor doing her own thing with her own brand of style. Then again that’s my opinion. You can read the original article at The New York Times site.

Update: As announced back in January, Taylor Swift will be taking the stage at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Norwich! It all happens this Sunday, May 24. Due to logistics, she’s playing a festival so chances are this will be a scaled down version and not a full 1989 World Tour concert. That being said, I don’t know what I don’t know. We’ll find out soon.

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