Beyond The Agency: David Cook’s Scenic Design & Caitlin Evanson’s Day by Day

(Source: iTunes)
(Source: iTunes)

That’s not a typo, Taylor Nation.

The Agency’s David Cook is not only Taylor’s musical director, he’s also a jazz maestro. His new album, Scenic Design, is now available on iTunes. If you’re ever in the mood for jazz and chill, this is quite a jewel of an album. Featuring musicians such as Ben Wendel, Matt Clohesy, Kendrick Scott, David Smith and with guest performer Shayna Steele for the I Know You Know track, this might not be your cup of tea. Which is why you should totally take a chance and listen to it.

It’s funny but David was the only member of the Agency I’ve met at the Jazz Festival in Montreal back in early July 2013. He was performing along with Morgan James. He was gracious enough to come down and meet a few fans. Go to festivals, Taylor Nation. There’s no rival for live music.

You can read more about David on his own Agency Profile: David Cook.

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(Source: iTunes)

Former (but forever and always) Agency member Caitlin Evanson has also been busy, collaborating with CakePopMusic for a new single called Day by Day a theme song for Lifetime’s Smile TV show about reconstructive surgery. It’s an incredibly sweet and hopeful song. You can find it on iTunes.

You can read more about Caitlin Evanson on her own Agency Profile: Caitlin Evanson.

Up next! We celebrate the birthday of a very beautiful and talented singer who I expected to see perform at the CMA Fest 2015 🙂

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