It’s your birthday, Liz! Happy Birthday to you :)

(Photo: Elizabeth Huett via Instagram)
(Photo: Elizabeth Huett via Instagram)

I do mention her every now and then 🙂

Happy Birthday Liz! I’m so happy you’re continuing your dream and taking on the world by storm soon. Can’t wait to hear all the music you’ve been working on and I know your album is going to be awesome. I wish you the best day in company of everyone you love! Here’s a recent picture of Liz taken by Liz while she was on a photoshoot with Sarah Barlow. Very meta, eh?

Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who thanks his lucky stars that he’s been able to meet the awesome Elizabeth Huett in person, we were hoping and praying to see her play live soon. I say were, because as it happens that’s coming up next month! We’re finally back in Nashville after a long hiatus and we’re glad to hear the beautiful and talented Liz Huett will be performing at the Fan Fair during CMA Fest 2015.

Liz had one song she co-wrote with Andrew Dorff and Nathan Chapman (yes, Taylor Swift’s producer) that was featured on ABC’s show Nashville. Here’s Put My Heart Down sung along with Andrew and Nathan. The song is on Sara Evans’ Slow Me Down album.

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We’re hoping to have more to share soon. You can read more on Liz on her very own Agency Profile: Elizabeth Huett.

On other news, a shoutout to @GenaGabrielle on her birthday too! 🙂

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