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Inside 1989: Welcome to the new age! Detroit goes Radioactive at the 1989 World Tour!

May 31, 2015
(Photo: Larry Busacca/LP5/Getty Images via Taylor Swift)

(Photo: Larry Busacca/LP5/Getty Images via Taylor Swift)

I’m radioactive, but I think I’m finally clean, Taylor Nation.

Spoilers are coming. Tuck and roll. Head for the hills. The 1989 World Tour hit Detroit, Michigan this past Saturday, May 30 and there’s some special surprises to talk about. Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who tries to keep a source for every picture, you’ll notice I am not so iffy on video since it usually is embedded from YouTube. For pictures I’d rather have an official source. A little hard with all the great pictures out there. Ok, last chance to remain spoiler free!

We get our first/second official guest in the 1989 World Tour. According to Billboard, that was Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons. If you count Vegas’ Rock In Rio USA performance as part of the 1989 World Tour (and why shouldn’t you – after all it had the full stage, production and setlist) then Ed Sheeran will be the first guest. Dan Reynolds and the Sparkly Dressed performed the Imagine Dragons’ hit Radioactive.


(Source: @belleswift17)

(Source: @belleswift17)

So, can we discuss the light-up wristbands/bracelets? Yes, you get them for free. They’re under your chair. They light up to the music. They’ve been on every concert since Tokyo and yes, they were there at Vegas. I have a recurring nightmare that mine is going to be missing. Anyhow, you do get to keep it.

The bracelets became a literal emergency signal for three girls coming back from their 1989 concert in Baton Rouge. They had a car accident as the one who was driving, Elizabeth Dazzio, fell asleep at the wheel. I get nervous for all Swifties that have to drive after their concerts. If you are tired, please pull over. You can read the original story on WBRZ. Drive carefully!

Another surprise of the night was the stage turning into a catwalk for the performance of Style as Gigi Hadid and Martha Hunt walked the walk to join the Enchantress during the performance. Squad. Just sayin’. Both of them were in the Bad Blood video, with Gigi Hadid playing Slay-Z and Martha Hunt playing Homeslice. If you ever need a refresher on who was who, check out the Bad Blood premiere post for all their codenames.

You can find a local concert review from last night in According to writer Edward Pevos, Taylor Swift “commanded the show from the very first to the very last note.”

I’m sending a shoutout to @belleswift17, updater extraordinaire, for all the updates from last night. Checkout her tumblr in you want even more stuff. Thanks, Isabelle!

(Photo: Larry Busacca/LP5/Getty Images via Taylor Swift)

(Photo: Larry Busacca/LP5/Getty Images via Taylor Swift)

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