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Inside 1989: Taylor Swift takes the stage in Louisville, Kentucky. The catwalk. Spoilers!

June 3, 2015

You got that spoiler alert look in your eye, Taylor Nation.

Spoilers coming your way! Here at the Swift Agency, just a guy who’s not out there to spoil everything, we’re all about giving you a taste of the 1989 World Tour. The Blonde With The Sparkly 1989 Microphone took Louisville, Kentucky inside her heart with the 1989 World Tour. I know we all want to see it. However, don’t post the entire concert. The more that happens, the less permissive video sites get about hosting any clip, even partial, of a concert. You don’t skip to the end of the book to read the ending. Oh, a book is this thing you can read without any power. It’s kind of like an iPad gone acoustic. Ok, enough yapping. Spoilers after the jump.

So, let’s talk about the stage’s central element, the catwalk. Or rather, let’s see what it can do this tour. As it turns out, it goes up. And turns. Whoa.

(Source: 13 Management via @TaylorNation13)

(Source: 13 Management via @TaylorNation13)

Can’t wait to see it in action! Realize this favors big stadiums where the large screens are your best bet, but on smaller venues she can get ridiculously close and the best thing about it is that since she’s way up high there’s no one to block your view. This might be too much.

Watch on YouTube

I don’t know if that gives you an idea of how close Taylor can appear to you, but it’s basically the flying platform of old times ten. A lot of the cheaper seats can get a closer view when she’s perched atop this contraption. She can also bring her dancers with her.

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

Coming up on the Calendar:

(Sources: Taylor Swift via Twitter, 13 Management via Twitter)


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