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Comcast’s XFINITY surprises 50 Swifties with 1989 World Tour concert tickets

June 4, 2015

We’re glad for them, Taylor Nation.

But 50? Try a larger number next time! 😉 How about 1989 users? Ok, I’ll be nice – they have been reaching out to more than a few sites to share this. According to their press release, the cable company is the lead sponsor of all U.S. tour leg concerts and want to offer its customers “access to behind-the-scenes videos, plus chances to win tickets, meet and greets, backstage tours and tour merchandise.” To start, they brought in 50 Swifties they found online to preview some of their… (sorry I don’t like this word I’m about to type)… exclusive behind the scenes footage.

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We’re all for it, but we wish it was more… (now this one is a cool word) inclusive to everyone. Sorry, XFinity but I know you can take it. Update! XFinity has made available a ton of their content on their YouTube Channel.

Watch on YouTube

Pittsburgh is the next destination. Heinz Field, get ready!

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

(Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter)

Coming up on the Calendar:

(Sources: Comcast XFINITY)


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